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The Future of Meat is Meatless; Is It Also Greener and Healthier?

From Nelson Huber-Disla, T. Colin Campbell, Center for Nutrition Studies
April 2023

Several studies have compared the nutrient composition of meat substitutes with retail meat. Although products on the market vary in nutritional composition, a few trends emerge. First and perhaps most obvious, meat substitutes contain more fiber. They are also generally lower in total fat and saturated fat (despite commonly containing coconut milk). They contain no dietary cholesterol (found only in animal products) or trans fats (naturally occurring in some meat and dairy products.

vegan burger

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With the demand for these products expected to continue surging and numerous big-name celebrities endorsing, promoting, and even investing in their continued development, it seems our culture has passed a tipping point. The appetite for meat replacement is on the ascendency.

That isnít to say there arenít still challenges for the industry to overcome: high prices, lack of variety, and slower-than-expected adoption in fast food restaurants have all contributed to cooling the faux meat market. Still, compared to years past when only a handful of niche companies worked in the space, there is no denying the progress. There are now 60+ brands generating more than $500,000 in retail sales, and many of these brands are entering the mainstream consciousness.


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