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The Taboo Topic: Sickness and Vegans

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From Victoria Moran, MainStreetVegan.net
May 2022

As weve heard, none of us gets out of here alive. But we can get out of here without having judged our fellow vegans, and trust that when were the one faring poorly, there will be another vegan in our circle, supporting us no matter what.


I went vegetarian in 1969 and starting my observations of the vegan/vegetarian world started soon after. Over these decades Ive come to know hundreds and ultimately thousands of people who changed their diet for reasons of ethics, health, or both. And Ive long noted the incredible discomfort we different-drummer diners have with those among us who become ill, or who pass away before turning 90.

The first case I remember was a modestly prominant spokesperson on the health side of things who had cured himself of ulcerative colitis. That condition stayed in abeyance but another malady cancer, maybe, or something with his heart took him in middle age. What do you think he did wrong? I heard people whisper.


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