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The Science behind Atkins

Ten Conclusions I Reached after Reviewing the Scientific Research Published on the Atkins Diet

For the Curious Reader Further Explanation and Support of My Findings Follows

Comparing Atkins with a “Low-fat” Diet is Deceptive

A Low-fat Diet Solves the Obesity Epidemic

The “Metabolic Advantage” of the Atkins Diet

Flawed Research Used to Promote the “Metabolic Advantage” – And They Know Better

The Big Lie: Eating Steak Cuts Your Risk of Heart Disease (That’s What They Tell Medical Students [25] and the Public)

“The Atkins Diet Does Not Increase Heart Disease” – So They Say

Real Damage from Atkins Would Be Seen with Honest Comparisons

The Atkins Diet: Short-term Weight Loss – While Sacrificing Health

You Can Have Weight Control and Health, Too


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