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What About People Who Say Veganism Is Inadequate or Defective?

From Dr. Milton Mills
Facebook posting, May 23, 2022

If people end up destroying their health and bodies through "poor dietary habits/practices in an effort to "save animals," then they will NOT have decreased "suffering" at all. 

Milton Mills

What about people who turn against veganism and then attack the plant-based lifestyle as inadequate or defective?

First of all ladies and gentlemen, Satan stomped out of HEAVEN itself, and went on to become the enemy of his loving Creator! It should therefore come as no shock that confused and disaffected people may turn against, and come to hate wonderful things for reasons that are ultimately unfathomable! That being the case, why does it surprise anyone that there are sadly a few misguided idiots who turn against veganism?! There are a few trolls making the rounds these days railing against veganism and announcing that it is their stated goal to destroy the vegan lifestyle. Such silliness would almost be funny if it weren't so pathetic and stupid.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands or understood "what" they were doing or should have been doing with their diets when they were allegedly vegan. And if they did not make it a point to eat a healthy, balanced plant-based diet, then they may very well have had a difficult or bad experience. But that to a large degree is on them. That is why I spend so much time trying to get people to appreciate the importance of understanding the "health aspects" of being plant-based! Pay attention to this next sentence! IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO BE "VEGAN FOR THE ANIMALS"! Veganism has to be good for EVERYBODY humans included.

Because if people end up destroying their health and bodies through "poor dietary habits/practices in an effort to "save animals," then they will NOT have decreased "suffering" at all! They will have only exchanged one kind of suffering (animal) for another kind (human). Moreover, no one in their right mind can expect your average person to sacrifice their life and health and that of their families to save an animal "IF" consuming that animal "were" a necessary function for humans (it would be like asking lions to stop hunting).

Lastly, when people who claim to be vegan end up being unhealthy or becoming ill because they don't understand what they are doing from a dietary standpoint, they and other people will likely blame "veganism" instead of their own dietary ignorance and bad habits. We owe it to ourselves, our families, to the people we want to convince to change their diets, and to the animals we want to save to fully understand "what we are doing and why" to the best of our ability so that our lives will make the most convincing, unimpeachable arguments for being vegan.

So come down off the soap boxes and let go of the vision of being metaphorically burned at the stake as martyrs for the cause. While the masochistic impulse of willful self-sacrifice can make a person feel self-righteous and self-satisfied, it doesn't do a whole lot for anyone else including animals.

Please take the time to educate yourself and LEARN HOW TO BE HEALTHY! You can't help animals if you're sick and/or dead or if you discredit the plant-based lifestyle so that others won't want to adopt it.

Finally, I have this to say to those deluded souls out here hating on veganism. Please remember my aphorism about the plant-based lifestyle:


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