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Submitted by Michael Shaw

One day Father Brown dies and shortly there after finds himself at the pearly gates. St. Peter greets him and takes him on a tour.

There was this huge building in heaven. St. Peter and Fr. Brown entered the front door. As they walked down the hall they saw and passed numerous doors. As they passed the first one, St. Peter said, "in there is were all the Methodists go when they die." As they passed the second door St. Peter said, "...and in here is where all the Lutherans go." Continuing down the hall and passing the third door, St. Peter told Fr. Brown, "... behind this door is where all the Anglicans go..." This went on for some time, each door the entrance to the various gatherings of denominations. Then as they approach this one door, St. Peter said, "Now be very quite as we pass this door,... this is where all the Pentecostals go and they think they are the only ones up here."


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