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Submitted by Michael Shaw

One day, this Rabbi's son comes home and says to his father, "Dad, I became a Christian today!" The poor Rabbi jumped out of his chair in horror and said, "You can't do that, you are my only son, who will continue on the tradition for the family?"

The Rabbi was so upset that he called a good friend of his who also was a Rabbi. After he explained what had happened to his Rabbi friend, the friend said, "Strange you should mention that.... just today, my son told me the same thing... he became a Christian, and I find myself in the same situation, for he is my only son!"

The Rabbi's agreed to meet for prayer. They got together and prayed to God, telling God what had happened to them. Just as they had finished their prayer, a bellowing voice sounded out from heaven and said, "STRANGE YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT!"


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