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It is our hope that this collection of humor will help make us laugh at ourselves, and hopefully live a more compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle.

By Diane Blakney

Here's a true story:

Many years ago someone brought a baby crow to my sister who was an animal rescuer.  She nursed the baby until he was ready for release, but he refused to fly away. So for 24 years "Snoopy" lived with my sister and her family.

During this time, Snoopy learned to say a few "words" and people walking by the house would say "hello" and Snoopy would say "hello" to them.  For his safety my sister built him a very large cage for him to sit on the porch in the summer.  

When Snoopy wanted his favorite treats, spaghetti and cheese doodles, he would lay on the bottom of his cage with his feet in the air and scream "HELP"!

One beautiful summer day, a police car was passing my sister's house when the two officers heard what sounded like a woman screaming for HELP.  They jumped out of their car and raced to the house with guns drawn.  Imagine my sisters surprise as she walked out the door to give Snoopy his treats and found two policemen staring at the bottom of Snoopy's cage as he screamed "HELP, HELP, HELP."

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