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Heartbroken for Bear Khanh who Died for 'Bile'

From FourPaws
September 2023

Khanh's story serves as a reminder, shedding light on the plight of countless bile bears who have already died or continue to endure unimaginable suffering on bile bear farms. They face a slow and agonizing fate with no respite in sight. We must raise our voices to ensure that Khanh's story is heard, not only in his memory but for the sake of all those bears who suffer similarly in Vietnam.

Bear Khanh

Normally we would be sending you your monthly dose of pawsitivity in our newsletter, but we didn't feel like we could do that today. Because right now, our hearts are heavy with grief.

Emergency rescue in Vietnam

Last Friday our team from BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh received a call from Hai Duong Forest Protection Department. A yet unnamed bear on a bear farm had stopped eating and they asked us to rescue him as quickly as possible. We dropped everything and jumped into the car to pick him up.

We named him Khanh.

We were so hopeful that this marked a joyful new beginning of life at our sanctuary. But the years of abuse and suffering had taken their toll. His initial health assessment at the farm revealed a multitude of deeply concerning health issues.

We didnít give up hope.

Despite our unwavering efforts, round the clock veterinary care and further vet checks at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, it was not possible to save him, he was just too broken and had endured too much already.

Farewell, dear Khanh.

Our hearts are shattered into a thousand pieces, that you are no longer with us. The thought that you were seen as a product your whole life, being a number instead of having a name, is devastating.

Even though you could only spend a brief time in our care, we could at least show you that there are humans who cared for you. At least you left this world being seen for who you were. Not a number but an individual with an incredibly brave personality.

You will never be forgotten.

We wonít remember you by the suffering you had to endure. Instead, we will cherish your name by thinking of you each time we celebrate the arrival of a bear rescued from a farm. In your name, we will only fight harder for them. In your name, we will celebrate each and every rescue.

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