Hideous experiments on monkeys exposed at Rockefeller U
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FROM CAARE Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research
December 2021

ACTION: Please join CAARE in asking Rockefeller University to end these outdated and inhumane monkey experiments.

monkey headposts

In a laboratory at Rockefeller University in New York, two monkeys, known only as M1 and M2, spend their lives subjected to experiments designed to map the brain cells involved in facial recognition.

Through invasive experiments that turn living, sentient individuals into recording devices, M1 and M2, aged 8 and 7, have undergone multiple brain surgeries to insert cranial implants and an attached headpost, followed by surgeries to implant electrodes for fMRI guided electrophysiology studies.

Non-animal alternatives can teach us about the workings of the human brain and offer promise for human patients suffering from brain abnormalities.


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