Humane Society (HSUS) Issues Public Statement on Project Chimps; Advocates Respond
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July 2021

HSUS states that the chimps “would still be in a lab without Project Chimps.” That is misleading. More than a hundred chimps are STILL in a lab because of HSUS’s failure to create a true sanctuary environment.

Project Chimp

The News

On July 2nd, Kitty Block, the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), sent the following statement to people who participated in a letter writing campaign calling on the organization to improve animal welfare at Project Chimps, HSUS’s sanctuary in Georgia that is home to 77 chimpanzees.

HSUS project chimp

Our Response

The organizations and activists advocating on behalf of these chimps are pleased that HSUS is finally acknowledging the need to create new yards so that the chimps have access to the outdoors every day. However, we are disappointed that HSUS is denying other serious deficiencies and using PR spin and misinformation to give the impression that conditions at the sanctuary are humane.

We realize that powerful organizations can be intransigent, but, given HSUS’s mission to help animals, we are baffled by the poor welfare conditions; by HSUS’s refusal to acknowledge and fix them; and by its unwillingness to apologize to the whistleblowers who they sued after they exposed these conditions.


Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE (PDF) 

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