Because you wouldn’t buy a friend: Don’t Buy, ADOPT!

Donate - How to Help

Or send donations or inquiries to:

Lobalu Animal Rescue
50m Bevor Cabo Blanko Park
Cabuya, Cobano dePuntareas, Costa Rica
[email protected]

How to Help

There are many ways that you can help and support this cause. The first one and more important is to spread the information! Explaining to your friends, colleagues and people in your community the importance of neutering their pets and street dogs and cats as a measure to prevent more animals suffering in the streets, is definitely a big help.

Also teaching kids and young people that animals are here for their own reasons and not just for our benefit or amusement, so that they will learn to have respect for the animals' rights as well, understand that they also can feel pain, hunger, cold, sadness and joy, just as we humans do.

If you want to participate in an active way you can do some volunteering job as there's always a lot of work to do such as washing the dogs, cleaning and clearing the area (cutting the grass), etc.

Another way to help is sending dog/cat food, medicines, etc. Or making a donation to Lobalu. The money collected is going to be used in improving the Shelter and getting provisions for the wellness of the animals we are helping.