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About Trixie Loutsi

About TrixieI have always shared a higher love for plants and animals, which has given me an understanding and ability to communicate with them on a personal level. My main vision has always been to create a safe home where all animals and, above all birds, can thrive in their natural habitat. The opportunity for the Lobalu Conservation would be an incredible achievement not only for myself but also for others as we work to protect and conserve our incredible nature.

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About Lobalu

Lobalu, started ten years ago in Montezuma in the south of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, when Trixie began by herself to rescue and free birds in captivity as well as rescuing and promoting adoptions for cats and dogs from the streets. This hard but noble labor during these years has resulted that in Montezuma there are only two dogs in the street and both of them have been vaccinated and neutered. (Now local people from this town feed them and give them a place to sleep). From the very beginning, Lobalu has always been and worked independently, with only Trixie's initiative and eventual but very convenient collaboration from friends, locals and tourists. The rescued and cured animals have always been treated at Trixie's place, in Montezuma. During these years, Lobalu has gained experience, knowledge and support, and now is willing to grow and become a legitimate Shelter with the infrastructure necessary to house and help more but also different species of animals, which need a place to heal and wait for a new home or in the case of birds or other species, a place where they start to readapt or go back to the wild life. With this in mind, Lobalu has recently decided to open to the world to get support, funds, collaboration to accomplish its goals. Lobalu counts on the support and efforts of Veterinarian Dr. Eduardo Ruiz, thanks to whom it was possible to vaccinate and fix all the dogs and cats in the area. Also with the valuable help of Christina Sherman, who made it possible to recently become a Non Profit Organization.


Our mission as a N.P.O, is to provide a safe and proper shelter, with a deep sense of respect and responsibility for the different species in the area where feasible. We have rescued, and will continue to rescue captive or wounded birds, helping them to heal and to fly free. Our mission is to ensure quality of life, freedom, and to stop specism because we strongly believe that the animals are here for their own reasons and not for human's benefit. It is about to promote consciousness, above all among children and the youth, about the animals rights and teach them that animals have sensations and feel hunger, cold, pain, happiness, sadness, gratitude and shame. It is our ideal and mission to create awareness and make a difference, because with the support and collaboration of all, it is possible. Our mission comes from a dream and the willingness to make it true: to live in a better place, a place full of respect and equality.

Lobalu Immediate Priorities:

To accomplish our mission, it is necessary to transform this humble place into a real shelter with a good infrastructure to receive, house, treat and cure wild life. What we need to do that is principally:

1. To fence off the property to keep in the cats and dogs we rescue
2. To build one aviary voliere (or a super large and wide cage) where the rescued birds can readapt to the wild life, flying little by little until their wings get strong enough to fly and live free

We would like to thank all of you for your kind attention, for sharing with us this dream of a better life full of respect and equality.We invite you to continue exploring this web page and please feel free to send us suggestions, share experiences related to this cause, and above all feel free to help in the way you can. Thank you.

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