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Non Profit Gallery

Now in our Montezuma Tropisphere office, you can find original works of art that have been donated with the purpose of raising funds for the local Animal Rescue Center LOBALU. Tropisphere, with the idea of giving visibility and support to the noble and compassionate cause of Lobalu, collected paintings, which are currently on exhibition in their Montezuma office now available to the public for sale. The money obtained from sales will be used to improve the infrastructure of the shelter and to acquire more resources like medicine and food for the different animals in need at the center. The paintings are original pieces by don Martin, a humble and talented man from the town of Cartago, and are inspired by the fauna and local flora of Costa Rica, the works posses a life of their own; a vibrancy and intensity mirroring the extraordinary, vivid natural life of the rainforest. If you are already in Montezuma or are planning to visit this magical place, please take the opportunity of picking up one of these beautiful and original works of art and at the same time take part in the development and maintenance of such praiseworthy project. This picture is a small sample of what you can expect to see in Tropisphere. For more information about the Lobalu project or the non profit art gallery, please contact us @ : [email protected], [email protected], or call us direct : 2642-1434.