The Farm and Ranch Mobility Solutions ‘FARMS’ Act
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FROM AFA Agriculture Fairness Alliance
January 2022

With FARMS, farmers will have options to adapt and participate in the fast-growing plant-based food industry. As they diversify, they’ll alleviate America’s dietary fiber crisis.

Farm Solutions Act

AFA’s draft legislation, the “Farm and Ranch Mobility Solutions Act” is a pilot program modeled after the work of the Rancher Advocacy Program, a nonprofit founded by a trail-blazing Texas cattle rancher who helps farmers transition to fiber-rich crop production.

M is for ‘Mobility’

Mobility is the ability for farmers to change *what* they produce in order to profit, restore the land, and nourish a nation.

The FARMS Act offers *options* to American farmers wanting to tap into the fast-growing fiber-rich foods market and in doing so

  • save lives by improving public health
  • empower innovative food manufacturers to compete with made-in-America supply chains
  • attain 50 by 30 sustainability goals
  • get out from under the thumb of consolidating multi-national agribusinesses



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