The Case for Prioritizing Fiber-rich Foods in Federal Farm Policy
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FROM AFA Agriculture Fairness Alliance
November 12, 2021

AFA lobbies in DC to bring fairness to the food system.

Agriculture Fairness Alliance

Read the letter AFA sent to Secretary Vilsack making the case for the USDA to prioritize fiber-rich foods across all farm programs....

Topic include:

  • Americans are dying from diseases linked to dietary fiber deficiency
  • Dietary fiber deficiency is most acute among socially disadvantaged groups
  • There isnít enough dietary fiber to go around
  • Farm policy that prioritizes fiber-rich plant foods can prevent diseases that stem from the dietary fiber crisis
  • Farm policy that prioritizes fiber-rich plant food can mitigate drought vulnerabilities and build healthy soils
  • Plant-rich and localized food networks can be lucrative for farmers
  • Farm policy that priortizes fiber-rich plant foods can mitigate the climate crisis
  • Fiber-rich farm policy can be pursued in existing programs 


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