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Letter from Julie Orchard Concerning Christianity and the Church's Image - 8 Sep 2004

Obviously there is no such thing as God - and even if there were - judging from how his 'followers' behave - he must be one evil being to give let them behave in such a way. Free will or not - your God supposedly controls his creation and is all seeing - guess he doesn't care much about animals....

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Julie:

Based on the way that most Christians behave and represent the God they claim to believe in, we can well understand your feelings. Part of our web site message is intended to embarrass these so-called Christians into living like the peacemaking children of God that He called them to be.

We've been fighting this spiritual battle for many years, and we're beginning to see some signs that our message is getting across.

But even if all the people who claim to follow God do not, you should still be able to know that He exists because of the things He's made.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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