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Letter From Judy Watson Concerning the Church and Christianity - 9 Nov 2004

Hi Frank,

I have never been on this web-site before, I am truly enjoying reading all these letters, but this one is truly how I feel. (See: Letter from Ciry Concerning the Divine in Nature)

I have been attending several different churches to find one that feels like I do about the animals, and how important they are and how they suffer so we can have a hunk of meat.

I don't feel I can really join a church and feel that the Christian people are so great and wonderful when they are eating meat and buying the by products. This really puts me off.

I have now found a church that is very modern and open and when I spoke with the minister she was very open to me having a table displaying vegetarian literature and also said that there were several vegetarians in this church already. So I feel this is the church for me at the moment. I have also copied this letter off to give to her.

Thanks for reading this


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Judy:

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments about our ministry and for telling us about the church you found.

We have people writing to us all the time about the "hardness" they feel coming from many churches when it comes to compassion for animals. We, along with the Christian Vegetarian Association have been working very hard to "wake-up" pastors and churches to the importance of extending our sphere of compassion to the whole of creation (humans, animals, and the environment), and truly work at bringing the will of our heavenly Father to earth as it is in heaven, where there will no longer be any pain, mourning, or death.

We would be very interested in knowing more about this church.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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