LettersLetter from Rina Deych Concerning Judaism and Kosher Slaughter - 3 Dec 2004
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Letter from Rina Deych Concerning Judaism and Kosher Slaughter - 3 Dec 2004

Dear Fellow Jewish Vegetarians,

I have just received disturbing news about one of the biggest "glatt kosher" slaughterhouses in this country.

Please read the story: http://rrrina.com/kosher.htm  

My grandfather was an ultra-orthodox kosher butcher who loved animals (and, interestingly, became a vegetarian in the last year of his life). I know he would roll over in his grave if he saw this footage.

Many people (even non-Jews) buy kosher meat because they think it is more humane. If it is done as per the Torah, and animals were treated as encouraged in the Talmud, it would be more humane (or should I say less brutal). But watching this footage it is clear that by no means could this brutality be considered "kosher."

Through the years I have seen other disturbing footage taken in kosher slaughterhouses, but when I have tried to tell rabbis and other orthodox people, they dismiss it and refuse to watch, stating, "Oh, but that is not done anymore." This footage (shot in the summer of '04) is proof that those brutal practices are STILL being done.

Many Jews are afraid to speak up against it, because those who remain in denial will allege that they are self-hating Jews. Or, chas veh chalilah, a goy mentions it, they will allege anti-Semitism.

As good Jews who believe in the tenets of the Torah, we MUST scream out against this horrible, barbaric behavior which goes against the holy teachings.

Aren't we, as Jews, supposed to be more compassionate and evolved? Aren't we supposed to exemplify gentleness and humaneness toward our fellow creatures - human and non-human?

Please let me know what you think about this issue.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom,

Rina Deych


Reply by Frank and Mary

Dear Rina:

Thank you very much for writing about this horrible situation.

All peoples should stand against these atrocities, no matter what religion they are. And when the cruelty is closer to home, it is even more important to speak out, as you have done. The only ones who fight against the truth are those who also have hardened hearts.

In the Love and Compassion of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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