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Letter from Terence Price About Our Web Site Ministry, Killing Animals, and Christianity - 7 Dec 2004

I would like to thank you for the work that you have done on the website.

There is really no way for me to fully express to you the feeling I have when I read your material and the stance that you have boldly taken with regard to the evil madness that has too long reigned in this world.

I have been at odds, great odds, with others that lay claim to the name Christian, since I became aware of the tremendous suffering of so many animals in this world. So many "Christians" have been the most vocal and critical of my decision to be vegetarian/vegan (not sure which word to use).

So many doctrinal matters are argued over, but it seemed to me that something this concrete, so real, so important, as the suffering of so many, for the sake of lust, greed, and pride would be a clear cut issue of universal import, and one to which all attention should be directed. But I learned that it is far from it - and many are ever prepared to justify their wickedness as the law and permit of God, when it is nothing but the traditions of men.

It is just my opinion, but I believe that you guys, as Christians, stand tallest, brightest, and clearest - may your souls be blessed to endure to the great and bright end of your courage.

I always shudder with fear at what a hair's breadth separation there is between the deaths of billions of animals and the fearful prospect that the same could happen to humans, and has happened historically (the hundreds of thousands butchered, eaten, and whose skeletal remains were preserved in an avenue in old Mexico). Police and criminal investigators, as well as psychologists, have found an association between those who abuse and perpetrate violence against animals and serial killers and those who perpetrate violence against humans. Anyone who truly has a care for or concern to established righteousness, goodness, for the Light, and the

Truth, and for the good Way to live, would have to look at how diet and the activities of civilization in connection to diet are connected. How anyone can consider human dietary habits to be such a small matter is beyond my imagination - simply look at how much suffering, destruction, and expense of time, resources is spent on it - the truth is it is not a simple matter (those who argue so are either blind, have been careless and don't know, are facetious, or are outright wicked beyond belief). Too many years of conflict and disagreement with these types of "Christians" has left me with a doubting and distrusting attitude toward believers. But I can say, you have touched me, and I am pleased to see your light, you restore his name in my eyes. Peace.


Reply by Frank and Mary

Dear Terence:

Thank you very much for your very encouraging and kind comments. We have been working on this hardness of heart issue in the churches for many years. In recent years we have begun to see more sparks of light in many congregations and even from some clergy. The more we openly present this issue to the public, the sooner we're going to see a change.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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