LettersLetter from Vicky Concerning Peace and the Church - 8 Feb 2005
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Letter from Vicky Concerning Peace and the Church - 8 Feb 2005

Thanks for your true CHRISTIAN site.....I am a former Catholic and am now leaning towards being a Unitarian....they are for me people of peace and ACTION. They also have many vegetarians among them.

I like your site and the talk of SILENCE promoting violence. I have been a peace activist the past two years and I am sickened about the "silence" of many churches. I asked two local churches to have a candle vigil for peace before the war and they all turned me down. I am sure they were more interested in their "faith based money".

People like these do not care about animals, either....they think God created them for us to eat! I have been a vegetarian now for several years and I try not to be preachy, but give out good example.

While I am no longer a Christian, I think Christ's life was one of goodness and peace...not greed and evil. People have long abused religion to further their agendas. This is happening to an extreme today.

I have 5 dogs and helped rescue birds and squirrels. I have a funny dog web page you might enjoy....just search the word : doxiepon

Peace, Vicky

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Vicky:

Thank you very much for writing and telling us about yourself and your web site. We enjoyed our visit and loved the photos, animations and music.

We hear from many people who struggle with the hardness and anti-Christ attitude of many Churches and Christians. That's what prompted us to begin our web site over 7 years ago.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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