LettersLetter from Brian Brinkley About People Who Enjoy Causing Suffering and Death - 16 Feb 2005
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Letter from Brian Brinkley About People Who Enjoy Causing Suffering and Death - 16 Feb 2005


I don't know if it's proper for me to go to you about this, but, well, I'm really upset about something, and I guess I just needed words of comfort from someone who shares my feelings.

...Like you, I'm a Christian that loves animals, and I've been fighting and giving it all I've got to stand up for my nonhuman brothers and sisters to gain their rights as sentient people with the capacity to feel, to love, and to suffer.

...and, as you know, it's a foul world out there, and so much of the world today accepts unfathomable cruelty to animals on a genocidal scale everyday.

...but one of the worst people out there I can possibly think of is crappy rock musician Theodore Nugent.

...He is the most atrocious person in the world, on his show on Vh1, he regularly killed animals for no reason and bragged about it. it's all he's about. He glorifies pure sadistic slaughtering of animals for sick enjoyment. Aside from his obsessive animal killing, he also regularly makes racist, chauvinist and ethnic slur comments at his concerts. He has also cheated on all of his wives, so far, and even impregnated his girlfriend, and in the 70s he actually adopted an underage girl so he could have sex with her.

...I despair when I think about all the innocent animals that have suffered pointless horrible pain, torture and death at his hands, and I sometimes wish I could avenge them. I know that's wrong, but there's just no justice for this. His crimes deserve punishment, but he won't ever receive it on earth, because in this sick world all those things he has done are perfectly legal...

...and what's worse, he claims to be a Christian himself, and proclaims that "God must appreciate my killing of his animals, for why else would he have so generously given me so many to kill?"

...I just want to know, do you think that God will bring justice to people like him?

Are the animals he tortured and killed in heaven now?

Will he go to heaven when he dies, since he claims he's a Christian?

What would Jesus say about him?

What do you say about him?

...can you help me to strive to be more like Christ, and learn to forgive him, and all other people like him that abuse animals without a shred of guilt?

Please help me with this, I don't know who else to go to.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Brian:

Thank you for writing.

We know exactly how you feel, but we try not to focus on any one person's evil behavior, as there are many people doing the same or similar things, and we want to enlighten the general public to the collective atrocities so that public opinion will turn against all these evil acts and people, and bring the cruelty to an end.

To answer some of your questions:

The Bible tells us that even the demons believe and tremble because they know they are condemned. Others will say, "Lord, Lord", and He will answer "I never knew you!" So, belief alone does not ensure a person of going to heaven. We must be changed into the peacemaking, loving, and compassionate children of God.

All animals have souls and spirits just as we humans do, and as such they have a place in heaven.

We hope this helps.

We're always interested in working with people who want to help protect the animals, as you do. We have a very active web site and get a lot of exposure. Are you interested in contributing articles, stories or other things to our mutual efforts?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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