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Letter from Wendy About Our Web Site and Animal Exploitation - 12 Aug 2005

I came across your site and I just had to write to you.

I don't know what to say apart from thank you!

The stories you have shared, your views, it is all so refreshing to my mind to finally find a place who does not believe in using the Bible as an excuse to kill, abuse and/or eat animals. I was an active animal activist for years until my health forbid me to do otherwise! Trust me though, once I am on the mend, I will be active once more. Yes, I was one of those who also raided laboratories and done active demonstrations. I support PETA and many other companies wanting to end animal cruelty.

Your image gallery showing those poor little fur-babies being so cruelly tortured, hurt and killed, just totally broke my heart. I had tears streaming down my face and I cried for their lost lives. I do not cry easily, many years of seeing so many abused animals and watching cruel, unGodly videos, but these pictures moved me beyond what words could describe. There is no need at all for such cruelty and I would love to be there the day that judgment is cast on them all.

I am a vegetarian but will admit that I am not a vegan. My eggs come from a local farm, as does my milk, where I know that the owners still believe in allowing animals to roam and milk to be retrieved by hand. I do not believe in factory farms at all and try to persuade all that I know to buy from local butchers as long as they know the meat is not factory farmed and the conditions are humane and only IF they have to insist on eating animal. I prefer to eat what is naturally grown and not killed in painful and sadistic ways. I do not use any products that are not animal friendly as I also do not believe in funding those who think that it is okay to maim, torture and kill an animal for a woman to wear make-up. I have to say that I also approach those in the street who I see wearing real fur. Actually, people like that disgust me. The people in the East cannot even hide behind their culture and claim that is why they do it as well know differently. There is simply no excuse whatsoever for it.

Sincerely heartbroken,


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Wendy:

Thank you very much for your very compassionate letter, and for telling us about yourself.

Your reaction to our photo journals is part of our "shock therapy" to wake people up, in the hopes that they will change their ways and become more compassionate toward the whole of creation.

We have been struggling with hardness of heart we find in most churches, particularly when it comes to animal issues, for many years. Since we resigned from church ministry, over seven years ago, to concentrate full time on our internet ministry, we have had a lot more success in touching hearts.

Have you visited our recipe section?

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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