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Letter from Patricia d. Zimmer Concerning Christianity and Animals 27 Sep 2005

Dear Frank and Mary,

A couple of years ago, at least, you said that I could copy and send your sermons, and/or articles, that you have written to churches.

For a couple of years now I have been listening to Charles Stanley of "InTouch Ministries" in Atlanta, GA. Though I admire him and love to listen to him, I have been disappointed, too, at his lack of mentioning any respect toward animals. In fact, his sermons speak of animals just as every other minister I have ever heard does; basically how good they taste. Animals are basically given absolutely zero respect for being living, breathing, thinking, emotional beings.

This past Sunday however, Dr. Stanley was speaking about human beings and what miracles they are; how very unique we are and special; how our internal organs all work, etc. etc. etc. Well, I agree with that but as he was talking, I thought, most animals have the same inner workings as we do and so evidently God thought them special too. We human beings are not the only miracles on this earth or in this universe for that matter and I am so very tired of the arrogance displayed by so many (whether it be conscious or subconscious on their part).

I guess this past Sunday was the final motivation for me to write to him. I cannot say anything (with a few brief exceptions), as well as you and Mary do and I would like to send with my letter some of your writings.

I pass several churches every day as I travel 74 miles to and from work and one of them has a "sausage" and pancakes breakfast each and every Saturday and two others I know have roast beef and other sorts of beef at all their fund raisers. I do not think I, or any of us will ever be able to keep people who really love their meat to eat any less of it or will we be able to prevent a lot of animal abuse but it may cause some to at least think about all the suffering that is on their plates. If we never stopped even one single person, or changed one single person we must do it anyway (we must speak up for the animals or I feel we are as bad as those who do not care or those who don't give it a second thought). It may cause some to think, how can a loving God condone this sort of thing."

I always get the argument from people that "God gave us permission to eat animals," or I get, "God gave us dominion over them." It seems they can't come up with anything else. I, myself do not know if God frowns on eating animals? I so wish I could go to Him and ask Him face to face; but I do know that a loving God must frown on the horrible sufferings of His creatures in Farm Factories, Labs, slaughterhouses.

I just got something in the mail from the Doris Day Animal League and have not been able to read it yet because I know it will tear me up. Just the outside of the envelope is doing that; it says, "Ferdinand won the Kentucky Derby," and Ferdinand died in a slaughterhouse. How can all the people who abuse and kill animals for fun and entertainment live with themselves? How can they even say they love God? I am so bewildered.

I could go on an on with this but I know that now is the time I must write a letter to Dr. Stanley. I have put it off for two years and cannot put it off any more. If you allow me to use your's and/or Mary's articles that are on your site (I would not use other people's unless I get permission from them), I believe that may have more of an impact than just my feeble letter. I will send a copy of my letter to you and also tell you what articles I have enclosed. I would also like to send to some other churches if I have your permission. I am always respectful to them and even if they get angry at me I never show anger toward them even if I feel it. Actually I would like to grab them and shake them and scream "What is wrong with you!!" but I would not do that. Well, I haven't up unto this point anyway.

Thank you so much.

God Bless,


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Pat:

It's so nice to hear from you, and we share your sadness and frustration at the indifference or hardness of heart of most people when it comes to the suffering of animals. But even with all of this hardness around, we have been seeing some real positive signs of change; mostly from the grass roots level and not so much from the leaders.

Have you seen the new video we produced with Christian Vegetarian Association, "Honoring God's Creation"? If not, you might find it very helpful in getting through to people.

As always, you have our permission to use any of our material, and we would also like to publish your letters, too. We believe that our readers might help give you a back door into getting your message across.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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