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Letter from Maqui Ortiz about Being Angry with God Because of Human Inflicted Suffering - 2 Oct 2005

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a spiritual person, and I believe that it is healthy to have an ongoing and complicated relationship with God. However, I suffer frequent crises in faith because of the suffering in the world - I really feel overwhelmed, and I just can't handle it.

The pictures of the unbelievable torture and mutilation of the raccoon dogs (which I first saw through PETA) are causing another 'flare up'- it's not that I ever lose my faith, but I'm so angry with God and I don't know how to draw comfort of horror from His works, or how to reconcile my vision of a loving God with the acts He allows to happen. As people of faith, can you please offer me some advice?

Thank you and bless you for the work you do,

Maqui Ortiz

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Maqui:

Thank you very much for writing.

There are many people who feel just as you do, but the solution is one that is quite individual. One of the best ways to overcome these feelings of depression and anger is to find ways to look beyond the problems and focus upon a goal that will help eliminate some of the pain and suffering.

Let's use heaven or the peaceable kingdom described by Isaiah (11:6-9) as an example for focusing our vision. We know that in both cases that is no longer any hurting or destroying or death or suffering. We also know that one of the reasons that this comes to pass is that everyone is filled with the knowledge of God. Thus, the reason that all the pain and suffering goes on is because people are not filled with the knowledge of God, no matter what they may claim. Furthermore, these examples show us by contrast the corrupted state of the world we live in, which is under satanic influence, and not God's. God has given his authority to his true believers who are the peacemaking children of God.

We need to recognize the source of the suffering, and that we have the power to overcome it through peaceful means. We need to be a consistent witness of those who are seeking the perfection of God. We need to expose the truth, and the fallacy of the faith that allows such immense suffering to continue. Then we need to allow this message to sink in so that the Holy Spirit will change their lives as He did with you and us. And we need to do this every day of our lives.

We hope this helps!

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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