LettersLetter from Danielle Gauthier about Our Ministry and Animals in Heaven - 21 Oct 2005
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Letter from Danielle Gauthier about Our Ministry and Animals in Heaven - 21 Oct 2005

Re: Letter from Judy Watson with Questions about God and the Bible

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman,

Thank you for finally giving me an answer to my question as to why God would give his permission to sacrifice young healthy animals. After the death of my second beloved dog China, I had read a book about dealing with the death of a beloved pet and how to deal with the grief that ensued. At the end of the book, the writer suggested a reading of the Bible without specifying the verses. Well, I started out with Genesis only to read that God authorized animal sacrifices and enjoyed the smell of their burning fat.

I'll be blunt: I lost my faith that very minute. That week-end I went into a church and I let Him have it and told Him that if he could not find me a proper explanation to His authorizing killing young healthy animals and enjoying the smell of their burnt fat, I would never want to have anything to do with Him ever again, as I now viewed Him to be as violent a man as my own father was and that I could never again consider Him "a Loving Father" that I could trust. My logic being that if He could be this cruel to young animals, then He must surely feel the same way about my two beloved departed pets which I loved as if they were my own daughters. That was last June 2004.

I've been trying to find an answer ever since then in the hope of renewing my faith in God, because it's a very cold and barren world out there without someone to believe in.

Thank you for explaining this part of the Bible in "plain understandable English". Your explanation makes sense to me now.

Perhaps now I can renew my faith in him. Thank you for your help.

Danielle Gauthier

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Danielle:

Thank you very much for your encouraging, but also sad letter.

Mary says that most of Christianity has been highjacked by hard of heart people who really know nothing about God's creation and heavenly intent, or of the compassionate, loving, and peacemaking teachings of Jesus. We have been dedicated to overcoming this problem for many years, and to help people who feel just like you. It's letters like yours that tell us were on the right track.

And be assured that your beloved China is in the arms of God waiting for you to join her in heaven one day in the future.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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