LettersLetter from Levin Stringham about God and Animal Cruelty - 21 Oct 2005
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Letter from Levin Stringham about God and Animal Cruelty - 21 Oct 2005

I too have a soft spot for animals, and it sickens me to see the things people to do them. I think this website is a great thing, and I really admire people who take an active stand against animal cruelty.

I do have a question for you though. I noticed that in nearly every post you mentioned God, and copied many actual quotes from the Bible. I don't understand how someone who feels so strongly for animal rights can at the same time support the Bible. Have you read portions of the Old Testament? Joshua butchered thousands of animals because God said too, for nothing at all, not even to eat! Solomon killed so many when he dedicated the temple (under god's command) that the blood overflowed the drain canals, again a complete waste of life! He slaughtered thousands and thousands of helpless, defenseless, animals! How can you support a book like the bible considering the many stories supporting animal cruelty? How can you worship a God who enjoys not only the wholesale slaughter of thousands of animals, but people as well? As the scripture says, "smoke from the burnt offering is a pleasing smell to God!" Why don't you post that quote on your website.

To say the God of the bible is upset with animal cruelty is absurd. He's the king of animal cruelty. He condones it, and he established it when he built his wild kingdom on Earth. Religion is the author of animal cruelty. Rational, logical thinking is the only thing that's going to save this planet, and the creatures that live here. The god of the bible could care less.

Levin Stringham

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