LettersLetter from R. Copeland about Cruelty in Kosher Slaughter House - 25 Aug 2006
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Letter from R. Copeland about Cruelty in Kosher Slaughter House - 25 Aug 2006

I would like to make a comment on the Iowa Kosher Slaughterhouse.

I know what the video shows is someone (who is supposed to be a Rabbi) killing a cow in a terrible fashion.

But I can't believe this happened, and I can't believe it was done by Jews. I am Jewish, and I know for a fact that our religion stipulates, quite sternly, we should treat our animals (especially the ones that we use for food) humanely, with love and respect.

I don't know what the laws on slaughter are in America, or the Codes of Conduct etc etc, but I know this wouldn't happen here in the U.K. If it did, then I believe our Jewish community would take action against the workers and the owners of the factory.

Jews have never done things like this. The knife isn't supposed to be used in a sawing motion, like in the video. The way it is supposed to be used, by a trained and skilled Rabbi, is to give the cattle one very quick, deep slash though the jugular and trachea. It is supposed to kill the animal instantly, because the blood pressure drops so fast in the animals head it doesn't even know its died.

The knife is supposed to be so sharp that it can cut through our skin, just by touching it, which I have seen done by a Rabbi on his own hand, on live Television, to show how sharp the knife is. This was a good few years ago though, so I don't remember the actual program, just the article with the knife.

Also, I know that over here we don't turn the animal upside down. We wouldn't do anything that would stress out the animal, as not only does it go against our religion, it also makes the animal pump out hormones and chemicals, which aren't Kosher. We lead the cattle one by one. Yes, killing an animal for meat isn't a good thing for us to do, but we have been doing this for millennia, and I can't see the human race stop eating meat. But then, when it is done properly in the Kosher way, it makes the Bolt Gun or Hammer appear to be what it is, which is barbaric

What you see in the video is a man dressed in a yellow bodysuit and a visor. He could be anyone. He obviously isn't a Rabbi, because he didn't know how to use the knife.

Please let me know what you think.

Many thanks.

R. Copeland

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Russell:

Thank you for writing.

Unfortunately, what you say actually happened by the rabbi and the firm, and their actions were condemned by the rabbis in Israel. The factory did say they would “clean up their act”, but the factory is still up and running and Jewish people are still buying from them.

Also, kosher slaughter does not kill the animals instantly. It takes several minutes..

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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