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Letter from Jenny Moxham about Animal Liberation and the Church - 8 Oct 2006

Dear Mary and Frank,

It's been quite a good day.

This morning heard from a friend that I got this letter published in two papers....

As a recent visitor to Torquay, and one who loves animals, I was delighted to read that Saint Wilfreds Anglican church was celebrating the feast of Saint Francis with an Animal Blessing service. I was somewhat taken aback to read on and discover that this was to be followed by a sausage sizzle!

Isn't it incongruous to be cooking up God's creatures at an animal blessing service?

I would have thought that the feast of Saint Francis ... or World Animal Day ... was one time when churches might have taken the opportunity to call on Christians to help put an end to the torture of animals in intensive farms by refusing to support these establishments with their consumer dollars.

I also gave my talk at Kalorama and Olinda Anglican animal blessing services (small churches. About 20 at each service)

I talked about how I became a vegetarian then later learned of the true horror of factory farming/experimentation/(5 minutes) then talked about the Anglican Society for the Welfare of animals and what Christians / churches can do to help animals (5 min)

People received me positively and minister and I handed out my "ways to help animals' leaflets and Animals Australia brochures.

Minister said something about giving me a cheque for $150 for the animal charity of my church !!!!

I said Animals Australia was a good organization to donate to.

He's going to look at the Christian vegetarian video in a few weeks ...I really believe he will ...and, even without seeing it, he's talking about showing it at church. Do hope it comes to pass.

All the best,


Jenny Moxham

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Jenny:

This is wonderful news.  Keep up the good work.

Please keep us updated.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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