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Letter from Reverend Bonnie Duncan about Her Church - 23 May 2007


My name is Bonnie Duncan. I was ordained a minister in 1996 in THE CHURCH OF GOD MINISTRIES. I founded my own church, ALL CREATURES ANIMAL SANCTUARY AND FELLOWSHIP CHURCH on October 17, 1996.

The church in which I am an ordained minister is an evangelical ministry who broadcasts the word of God via radio, but it does not believe in what I believe to be the indisputable fact that animals have souls, and in my mind, are closer to God than human beings. I know of no animal that carries out the unspeakable atrocities that human beings inflict on animals and other human beings- only man seems capable of the unspeakable horrors we read about every day in the paper and see on our evening broadcast of the news.

You are correct - and I have had this argument thousands of times over the years with bible toting hunters.

Many Christians misinterpret God's words of Dominion over the animals as the right to exploit and abuse. I believe God was entrusting the care of all of his beloved creatures-great and small- to man. This endowment of trust, in my mind, is the foundation on which man learns compassion and giving , with no expectation of a "return" for that compassion.

It is a matter of scientific and medical record that serial killers start out torturing and killing animals before they progress to human killings.

On the flip side of that coin, it is my interpretation of God's word, that when humans extend the reverence for all life not only to human suffering , but to the smallest of God's creatures , then true evolvement has occurred. Then , and only then, does man have kinship of spirit with God.

And yes, there will be consequences for man's inhumanity and inhumanness, not only to his fellow man, but to all of God's creatures.

My approach to my ministry is not at all diplomatic, politically correct nor gentle. I do not apologize for my beliefs and am appalled by the ignorance, self-righteousness and blasphemy of man." In God's image" refers not to our material body, but rather the Spirit, and in that there will be accountability at the time of death of all of those humans who have inflicted suffering on any of God's creatures.

My credo is a reverence for all life, evangelizing to the ignorant so that they may evolve and educating all of those who turn a blind eye to animal suffering. There will be a day of atonement for all, and the animal souls are the closest to God , as are the children, those who are most innocent.

Innocence is what was lost in the Garden of Eden, when the lion laid down with the lamb.

I believe my purpose here on earth is to fight "The Good Fight" for all of God's creatures that He has so blessedly bestowed us "dominion" over.

Reverend Bonnie Duncan

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Bonnie:

You made our day.

People are constantly asking us where to find a church like your. Where is it? Would you like us to list it on our web site?

Also did you write this letter in response to something specific on out web site?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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