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Letter from Reverend Bonnie Duncan about Her Church and Our Ministry - 25 May 2007


Good to hear from you. I am located in a rural town called Cedar Hill in Missouri. The people of our church are pretty spread out, and we support each other via the internet and weekly "inspirational messages" via the mail.

Thank you for everything that you do for the animals.

I happened upon your website while searching to see if there are any other churches similar to ours.

I googled "Churches that Believe Animals Have Souls".

The belief that animals have souls and a tremendous reverence for all life is the foundation on which we interpret God's true meaning of "Man's Dominion Over the Animals".

Our church currently has only a couple of dozen members because of the rural area in which I live.

We currently have a new website under construction to which you may link to your website once it is complete.

Also, if you are contacted by anyone who wants to connect with my church, please feel free to give them my email address or link my email address to your site.

The name of our church is "All Creatures animal Sanctuary and Fellowship Church".

We adamantly believe that animals have souls and should be extended all of the same rights as humans. We believe that , like little children, the animal's innocence causes them to be closer to God then many others. I will apprise you when our new website is up and running.

We have an animal sanctuary for horses, dogs and cats , which keeps me pretty busy.

It has been my pleasure to meet you and I will keep in touch.
continue to spread the true word of God.

Bless you both.


Rev. Bonnie Duncan

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