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Letter from Orlando Michaud about the Way the Church Should Be - 9 Jul 2007

Frank and Mary:

Thanks for your email. I'll visit your website, (my wife Ana love animals also as God creatures). We are tied to USA because we have two sons living there - and miss them -, a son and a daughter, and two grandsons. We were invited to see them. (Florida and Utah States).

I don't know what Church you belong to, but in order to be
Christians, I believe that Christ is the Head of all, and we have the Grace of the faith of Him, and the world today should be changed if all the Christians are able to speak about all which tied to us like brothers, and try to be one in Christ. (As an old engineer - but working yet because we need and love my job -, I think that Theological troubles are similar to "software" troubles!  They do not belong to the "real time", which is the life...Charity and love to looking for Truth and we must be able to "debug" them. And the Pope and others important Church Leaders are working for the ecumenism.

Thanks again for your email , also, In the love of the Lord ,═┤ll remember you in my humble prays,

(excuse English mistakes , I speak Spanish)

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Orlando:

Thank you for the reply.

We agree with your assessment of the Church. We need to mature in the love of God for the whole of His Creation.

I'm (Frank) a retired United Methodist pastor and live in New York State.

I'm also retired from a medical construction management, which we founded in 1963, so we have some similar backgrounds.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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