LettersLetter from Arthur Poletti to the Pope: Does God Want The Pope To Be A Vegetarian? Yes or No? - 22 Oct 2007
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Letter from Arthur Poletti to the Pope: Does God Want The Pope To Be A Vegetarian? Yes or No? - 22 Oct 2007

"His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVl

Dear "Most Holy Father"

Being the Pope is not easy. Sometimes, with
Gods guidance you must go against the status
quo and take a stand against overwhelming odds.
No matter what the majority of the people in the
world may think or say.

For this reason I hope that you will personally read
all of the information in the attached presentation
that I feel certain expresses the will of God, which
should also be the will of "Your Holiness."

I am sure you will agree that God is the supreme
symbol of compassion, kindness, life, and love for
all creatures with a soul and proves why God wants
all animal factory farms and slaughterhouses to

You could express the will of God and shock
the world by announcing that you are personally
endorsing and promoting the will of God by
"becoming a vegetarian or a vegan."

"Holy Father," your action of becoming the first
vegetarian or vegan Pope in history will send a
message like a "lightning bolt from heaven" that
God and "Your Holiness" want factory farms and
slaughterhouses to close.

You and former Vice President of The United
States Al Gore could make a simultaneous
announcement that you both "will never eat the
flesh of Gods creatures again.

Imagine the shocking positive impact these
incredible announcements would have throughout the
world for the benefit of animals, humans, the earth,
and the earths atmosphere.

Thank you for your important consideration and
most needed action.

For the sake of all animals.
Arthur Poletti
Author of the back to the future short story:
God Does Not Eat Meat

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