LettersLetter from Sheila about Our Web Site, Ministry, and Christian Indifference to Animal Suffering - 10 Dec 2007
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Letter from Sheila about Our Web Site, Ministry, and Christian Indifference to Animal Suffering - 10 Dec 2007

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, that someone still cares about our furry, four legged friends.

There is no compassion for animals, and, I as you, have since found that Christians have no feelings toward God's animals. In trying to make mention on how cruel they are treated, just about every way you can think of, and in ways no one would even imagine, these so called people of God, email me back and say the following. You are not to love an animal, your spirit is not right if you love an animal, I got one email that suggested something sexual might be going on because, I have love and compassion for animals. How sick is that, to be labeled by the Christian world that I'm some kind of a pervert because I truly care about animals.

I also find these same people to have the same attitude when it comes to the environment. When I make mention about such things as toxic sewage sludge being applied to our farm lands for fertilizer, in which our food is grown in, and also, when I make mention of landfills and how dangerous they are to our water and air supply, they could care less.

Many times I've wondered if these same people would help some injured person lying in a ditch along side of a road. What is going on with these people, I would really like to know. I would not include all Christians in not having love or compassion for the animals, since I myself am a Christian, and there had been one other that feels the same as we do. Others probably do as well, I just haven't had the opportunity in knowing them.

Much love and compassion,


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sheila:

Thank you very much for your encouraging and compassionate letter.

We run into these hard of heart people every day, and we constantly envision them on the broad way that leads to destruction.

There are people all over the world who feel the same way and we're constantly working with them in our ministry every day. Just today, we chatted on the email with people from Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, England, and the United States, and they're all saying the same things and working to bring some sanity back into our world.

Keep speaking out and be that witness for God you've been called to be. Together, we can and will make a positive difference and help end the suffering.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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