LettersLetter from Sheila about God, Church, and Helping Animals - 1 Jan 2008
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Letter from Sheila about God, Church, and Helping Animals - 1 Jan 2008

Happy New Year Frank and Mary,

My heart is with the both of you and the animals. This is a new year, and I feel blessed that YAHWEH has given me another year, and with this year I want to devote it in helping the animals.

I've emailed you guys in the past, and I just love what the both of you are doing. I always come back to you, because there is always that place in my mind where I think, where is the church, where are YAHWEH's people in helping HIS CREATION.

I wanted to share something very profound with you today, in reading Genesis chapter 9 verses 8 to 12 I found the following- After the flood, YAHWEH established a covenant not only with Noah and his family, but with every living creature for perpetual generations. Whenever I have ever heard a pastor stating the covenant that YAHWEH made with man after the flood, I never, not once, heard him include the animals in it. This morning, there it was, looking back at me as I was reading it. I found this to be very profound, and I know how much YAHWEH does love his whole creation, and not just man, but all of the animals. For HE made them all, and HE said "and it is good".

I also I wanted to mention to you that, I'm unemployed right now, but as soon as I can, I would be glad to make donations. Please keep in touch with me, and if there is something I could do please let me know.

With much love,


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sheila:

Happy New Year! And thank you for your kind and encouraging comments.

The pastors you mention should know enough Hebrew and Greek to make sure that their translations and interpretations are correct, but they choose not to, and cowardly skirt the truth in an attempt to justify their complacency and participation in the cruelty inflicted upon billions of innocent animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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