LettersLetter from Myrna About Raising Kind Children - 2 November 2008
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Letter from Myrna About Raising Kind Children - 2 November 2008

If each child could be taught to respect ALL life, to never kill any living creature, peace would at last come to our world.

I have raised five children amidst Iowa hunters and am so overjoyed when they and their children have come to realize the importance of respecting all living things and passing this on to others. They have all been leaders in athletics and looked up to by their peers so I feel it is a small beginning in this world of cruelty to animals that so many somehow don't even see.

I do feel that the real harm is done to the one killing for pleasure (hunting) or whatever cruelty. Certainly God takes care of these innocent creatures in some way. The one who has done the act is the one whose soul is forever blemished. I believe all creatures are reincarnated which is an explanation for instinct.

Keep up your wonderful work and some day things will change.

Myrna Senior Citizen Lifetime Iowa resident Witness to a lifetime of cruelty to God's creatures

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Myrna:

Thank you very much for your encouragement and for telling us about your family. We wish every family could be like yours. You did a wonderful job.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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