LettersLetter From Jaleh About Animal Sacrifice in Iran - 14 Dec 2008
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Letter From Jaleh About Animal Sacrifice in Iran - 14 Dec 2008

My Very Dear Frank and Mary,

Hope you are fine.

I take the opportunity to send you some photos taken by my friends during (Aid Ghorban) last week in my country (see Religious Animal Sacrifices).

I am not going out of my apartment in such days to avoid being faced with the wild people killing the innocent animals in these ways. The most disgusting is sacrificing the camels. They thrust to the hilt a sharp knife or dagger in the major blood vessel of the poor creature so that all blood pumps out from his body. Then they cut off the head and the testes.

I am sending you some photos relevant to sacrifice of camel, sheep and cow in Iran.

Please do not consider all Iranians wild and cruel. As I wrote you before, these acts are happening in my country after invasions of Arabs forced all Iranians to become Muslim. There are a lot of people like myself against these cruelties. We just hope that in near future something can change in our country.

I should add that the treatment of the people is not much better than animals. We are living like prisoners in the hands of the government authorities.

Please accept my very best wishes for the Christmas and New Year.

Regards, Jaleh

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Jaleh:

You have been in our heart and prayers, and it is so nice to hear from you, even if it also brings this message of suffering and death. But hopefully these photos will do some good by encouraging others to take a stand against the suffering.

The news never covers anything about the the people like you who are against the sacrifices. Is there anything we can do to help?

Thank you for your good wishes, and my God bless you now and in the year to come.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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