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Letter from Jenny Moxham about More Slaughter - 25 Jul 2012

Published 25 Jul 2012
Shepparton News
More slaughter

We are rightly appalled by the violent killing of innocent movie patrons in the United States (‘‘Accused’s apartment entered’’, July 23) but if we eat meat, aren’t we also guilty of violently killing innocent individuals?

The movie-goers had a chance to escape. Our animal victims never do; heavy steel doors prevent all escape from our slaughterhouses, where the trapped and panic-stricken victims exhibit every symptom of terror: they vocalise frantically and rapidly, they drool, their noses run, they have difficulty breathing, their eyes bulge and they defecate uncontrollably. They do all in their power to escape.

If we condemn the cruel killing of the innocent movie patrons, how can we condone the cruel killing of these other innocent individuals?

None of us need animal flesh in our diet — consequently, their slaughter is just as unjustifiable.

Jenny Moxham,
Monbulk Victoria