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Letter from Nicole about Saving Bill and Lou - 17 Oct 2012

[Letters in response to Tell Green Mountain College to honor Bill and Lou...not kill them...]

Provost Throop,

The issue of Bill and Lou has come to my attention as it has to many. I understand that farming is business and that this situation, though people have cared for Bill and Lou, is also business. I'm speculating that the reason behind the slaughter decision comes down to money. Consider though, that Bill and Lou are sentient beings and that being killed is not caring for an animal/ person/ fellow sentient being in any way. Traveling, then being shoved into a room in which, however the method, is absolutely terrifying for them to then have their throat slit or be shot in the head.

There is nothing appropriate or calm about that as Baylee Drown has described in her letter (her response to the influx of letters on the matter). Allow money to be put aside and consider the moral implications that an act of compassion can have. Sending them to a "Animal Welfare Approved Processing Facility" (is this a euphemism for a Slaughterhouse?) is not showing that, but by allowing them to go to Vine Sanctuary is. There they may live out their lives together, as best friends, getting all the amenities and enjoying their retirement of 10 long years of labor.

There's nothing natural about an industry that we've created. I don't agree with any of it; consuming, using, wearing or experimenting on. Bill and Lou are names and faces to the business of turning beings into products and by-products. Bill and Lou have only been products to your college. Let them be beings again and send them to a sanctuary. For once, don't let money dictate how someone can live their life and show your moral obligation to what we as humans have horribly been responsible for. We are all human and we all care for animals. Let's be a stand for them.

I thank you very much for taking the time to read this and making a consideration to let them live.