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Letter from Noelene about Balance Needed - 1 Dec 2012

As published in Christchurch, New Zealand's "Press"

 Readers sometimes claim that those who feel a responsibility towards other creatures should be doing so for the human race instead! I think it more vitally important than we have realised, that we reach a state of desiring true dignity for both. Exploitation of people goes hand in hand with exploitation of animals.   Harshness, callousness, and conflict arises from man's selectiveness as to who or what he gives dignity and recognition; for example. torture and killing of certain animals, or certain people.

Men have had a hard row to hoe, trying to maintain the equilibrium of a planet's affairs, in an atmosphere of power, rivalry and competition, without the balancing effects from each other - or from women - of sufficient understanding, fellow-feeling and co-operation.

As women join men at the helm, each could discover strength plus compassion within themselves, and be co-partners towards peace for mankind and the creatures. We humans owe it to the animals, especially because while we have an understanding of the causes of our difficulties, it is heartrending that they do not understand why they are being made to suffer so - and at the hands of these humans who they would normally look up to and emulate, and whom they still love, as their "elder brothers".