LettersLetter from Linda about deer: "Kill but don't feed?" - 6 Sep 2013
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Letter from Linda about deer: "Kill but don't feed?" - 6 Sep 2013

September 6, 2013

TO: Smithfield Times, Editor

So " Special interest groups" like hunters have the right to KILL deer and other animals, which our Constitution states is our heritage, but we can't feed them!??

"Wildlife Mismanagement" controls it all,  because only hunters and trappers are allowed to sit on these bloody boards dictating and controlling us and wildlife alike!!  It is a BUSINESS!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

They do not want us to get close to animal life for fear we might come to love them! We are all ONE! We just might find that they enrich our lives by learning about them and just might cause a softness of our hearts that our earth and all living things are not ours to do with as we please! We might just find out that all life is precious and connected to our own! We are a small speck of dust in comparison to the whole of all there is! We might realize since we did not make it, we have no right to destroy it!!

They "manage" it making money off gun sales and licenses, that's all! We need to grow up,  protest and stop their murdering them year after year calling it "management"!!! All wild things manage themselves if we stupid human beings leave them well enough alone!!! They didn't need us before as they evolved for millions of years and they do not need our bloody interference now!!!  Humans cause all the trouble with pollution, killing off tons of fish, whales, sharks, bear, elephants, tigers, lions, seals, sea birds, cheetahs, wolves, and on and on!!

We cannot even take care of one another humanely. We kill our own children, abuse them, beat women, kill them and rape them. Our violence boils over into our schools, work places, constant wars, and reveals itself in our sports!!  Our society fell into the toilet! White man finds ways to make money off of someone or something else and as John Denver wrote in a song...."What a hell of a race to call men! / Go tell it to those with the wind in their nose, who run from the sound of the gun!"....

Our whole universe is energy! It evolves every 26,000 years now it is doing so again! It is time for man to grow up and evolve, too!!!!

Linda Gould Steffey
[email protected]

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