LettersLetter From Jenny Moxham: The Massacre We Don't Talk About
Letters From All-Creatures.org and The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

Letter From Jenny Moxham as published on Thailand's The Nation
October 2, 2017

In the last 12 months a staggering 65 billion farmed animals almost 10 times the number of humans currently living on this planet were killed for their flesh, milk and eggs.

These animals were not mindless blobs. Each one was an intelligent, sensitive individual who fiercely wanted to live and would have fought desperately to preserve his or her life.

October 2 is World Day for Farmed Animals and is dedicated to drawing attention to the tragic plight of these innocent animals who suffer enormously, not only at slaughter time but throughout their lifetime. Given that we humans are not natural carnivores, and thus have no requirement for any animal products in our diet, how can we possibly justify condemning so many to such a cruel fate? 

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