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Letter From Jenny Moxham as published on The Daily Advertiser (Wagga, Australia)

November 20, 2017

RIP Turkeys

A massacre is about to take place in the United States. A colossal massacre which will take the lives of 45 million individuals. Each one will die in a gruesome, terrifying and painful manner.

Will horror, outrage and disbelief ensue following this carnage and bloodshed? Not at all. On the contrary, this massacre will be joyfully embraced by the majority of Americans because it is the turkey massacre that takes place at Thanksgiving, every year in the USA.

How on Earth did a meal that was first celebrated to give thanks for the rain that ended a drought and saved the harvest turn into this bloodbath?  But let us not forget that in a very short time, here in Australia, there will be another turkey massacre and the reason for it will be just as nonsensical.

The unfortunate turkeys here in Australia will be massacred to celebrate the birth of the "Prince of Peace".

Jenny Moxham

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