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Letter From Jenny Moxham as published on NewsMail
April 30, 2020

Animals in captivity

Imagine if lockdown became permanent and we weren’t even permitted to leave our property for food or exercise?

Imagine how boring, monotonous and intolerable life would be.

Well this is the tragic reality for every single zoo animal.

We are duped into believing that zoos “help” animals by “saving” them from extinction, but the reality is that most zoo animals are not endangered.

Zoos exist primarily to make money and this week Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham admitted this when he said it was crucial that zoos and aquariums survived the crisis to “help the tourism industry recover” once restrictions were lifted.

But there are many animals “behind the scenes” at zoos who likewise suffer.

These are the countless animals who are reared and killed to provide food for the carnivorous reptiles and mammals.

If zoo animals were in their natural habitat their prey would at least enjoy some semblance of a natural life before being quickly killed.

Jenny Moxham

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