Letter From Jenny Moxham: We need to conserve habitats, not zoos
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Letter From Jenny Moxham as published on Western Daily Press

June 18, 2020

We need to conserve habitats, not zoos

Jennifer White was correct in saying zoo animals should not be in captivity (Animal rights claims are wrong – zoos, 15/6).

The majority of zoo animals are not endangered species, but even if they were, that does not give us humans the right to imprison them and deprive them of their freedom and all semblance of a natural life.

If humans were an endangered species would we happily spend our lives in cages, breeding, simply to ensure the continuation of our species? Of course, we wouldn’t! We’d want to be free to go wherever we wanted and do whatever we wanted, even if it meant the end of our species. And these animals feel the same.

At the end of the day, if we conserve animals, without conserving their habitat, we are only conserving them for our own selfish reasons for they will have nowhere to go except zoos.

Jenny Moxham
Monbulk, Victoria

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