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Letter from Jason Concerning the Bible, the Church, and Our Ministry 20 Dec 2002

Hi, I would like to respond to some of the things that I read on your website, a few of which I believe that you may not agree with. I hope that you can earnestly listen to what I have to say without feeling attacked.

First off, it is awesome to see that you have made Christ an important part of your message, I commend you.

However, It saddens my heart to see you seemingly twist the bible to fit your own political agenda. I would challenge you to take your argument for vegetarianism to trusted bible scholars. I think that you will find that the response will not support the statements on your website.

I would like to say that I completely understand and respect that some people do not want to eat animals. However, to take scripture out of context and use it to promote a personal agenda is something I cannot support. I have to think...what if you put your time, effort, creative writing, and money to fight other issues that are so obviously destroying our society??? just a thought.

Again, I truly hope you see this email as a challenge to dig into the word of

God and not just blow it off as "someone who doesn't understand."

In His Grip,

- Jason

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Jason:

Thank you for your letter, compliments and concerns.

There is a misconception in Christianity that people are saved by grace and then can go on doing things counter to the will of God. Our ministry is dedicated to trying to lead people back to the basic intent of God and toward kingdom living here on earth.

There was no death in Eden prior to the Fall, and there is no death in heaven, which obviously is the will of God. Jesus taught us to pray for that heavenly will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. To us, this is all part of seeking to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect.

Violence only produces more violence, and many humans and animals suffer because of it. Until we end the desire for violence in the hearts of humans, we will never know true and lasting peace. Such violence would include such things as abortion, the death penalty, and war.

Being vegetarian (vegan) is just one step in eliminating violence. We don't need to eat another living being in order to live. There is an abundance of plant food available. Furthermore, people who eat a healthful vegan diet have far fewer chronic diseases than to those who eat "the standard American diet". This is another way we seek to help humans, too.

There are millions of people who have left the church because of the "hardness" (desire to kill) they have felt from both clergy and parishioners. A large part of ministry is to witness to these people. We need to remember that Paul said that if the eating of flesh caused a person to stumble, he would cease eating it. Many people are stumbling, and flesh and killing are being flaunted at them as a form of ridicule; to us, this is showing a misapplication of Christianity.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,


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