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FROM Billy Thompson, SARX: For All God's Creatures
October 2021

Most people donít want to think of themselves as unkind and cruel and so it is a matter of showing them there are compassionate choices available which make a massive difference to animals.

rescued Calf

Billy Thompson, founder of The Retreat Animal Rescue, reflects upon the concept of kindness and his lifelong commitment towards animal advocacy.

Tell us about yourself and why you became concerned with animal issues.

Iíve always been deeply concerned with the wellbeing all creatures and felt they needed someone to fight their corner; someone who could see their plight. Thankfully I am not alone and throughout my live have encountered a growing number of passionate animal lovers who are keen to take action.

Iím a firm believer in justice and compassion for all and, as someone who has lived with rescue animals my whole live, could not imagine excluding those who need it the most.

What inspired you to establish an animal sanctuary?

The Retreat was born in 1989 out of frustration at the way we humans treats animals. We can do better, therefore we should do better.

I did not originally have any grand plan to found an animal rescue centre. It simply just grew into what it is today with kindness being the foundation. Making room and creating the areas to accommodate the individual needs of each new resident was the driving force behind our work.

Today, our incredibly dedicated volunteers care for over 1,000 animals at any one time. Most of these animals have been victims of abuse, neglect, malnourishment and all manner of mistreatment in and around the meat and dairy industries. I am so proud of my team and the amazing work they do for these animals.

As well as animal rescue work, our site is a hub of social engagement. We give people the opportunity to connect and spend time with the rescue animals and offer education on various animal issues including the benefits of veganism.




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