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FROM Lebanese Vegans
April 2022

The Lebanese Vegans social hub is the only animal rights and vegan support center in Southwest Asia and North Africa offering free monthly workshops and lectures about veganism, free weekly food distribution and monthly campaigns raising awareness about animal rights.

Lebanese vegan center
The only animal rights and vegan support center in the region

Since 2016, Lebanese Vegans have held countless workshops, activism events and conferences about animal rights and plant based diets.

Our Values


Lebanese Vegans Opposes any and all kind of injustice, discrimination and exploitation. We believe in a world where other animals are not seen as mere commodities, exploited, killed and sold.


We believe the only way to achieve animal liberation is through community effort. We are all in this together and every single activist is a part of our efforts, ideas, plans and campaigns. A strong community is vital for the success of the movement.


While we concentrate on the rights of other animals, we acknowledge and support all other struggles fighting for justice. We strictly oppose any type of discrimination towards anyone.

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