Victory as EU Rejects Plant-Based Dairy Censorship
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May 2021

In a victory for common sense, the plant-based community, and the future of the planet, the EU’s proposed ‘plant-based dairy censorship’ has been defeated.

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Thank you for taking action to stop plant-based censorship in the EU.

Over our three days of action around 20,000 tweets were sent calling on the EU Commission to reject AM171 adding support to the Proveg campaign and petition of over 450,000 signatures. They listened and rejected AM171 in a landmark win for animals, the planet, health and consumer freedom.

In an attempt by the dairy lobby to halt the rise of the vegan movement, AM171 sought to ban science-based claims that compare plant-based and dairy milk, as well as the use of phrases including “dairy free” “free from milk” “milk free” “creamy” and “vegan alternative” on packaging and in advertising.

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