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Court Dismisses D.C. Restaurant Owner's Lawsuit Against Anti-Foie Gras Activists

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June 2023

The D.C. Coalition Against Foie Gras says it will continue protesting at Kinship and other Washington, D.C.-based restaurants until the city is foie-gras free.

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Washington D.C. restauranteur Eric Ziebold sued animal rights activists with the the D.C. Coalition Against Foie Gras in an effort to stifle their protests and online activity

The Washington, D.C. Superior Court has ruled in favor of three animal rights activists sued for stalking by a restaurant owner attempting to curb their anti-foie gras protests and online speech. The activists, members of the D.C. Coalition Against Foie Gras, are calling on Eric Ziebold to stop selling the fatty liver product at his restaurants, Kinship and Métier.

The defendants’ lawyers, Matthew Strugar, Nigel Barrella and Chris Carraway from the University of Denver Animal Activist Defense Project, won the case by filing Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) motions. The motions argued that Ziebold was attempting to silence the activists by burdening them with legal costs. The Superior Court granted the anti-SLAPP motions and dismissed Ziebold’s case. In addition to paying his own legal bills, Ziebold is obligated to pay those of the defendants.

Lead anti-SLAPP attorney Matthew Strugar stated, “Belligerent rich people like Eric Ziebold think they can shut down their critics through costly litigation. Anti-SLAPP laws are essential to protect free speech and punish bullies like Ziebold who try to weaponize the legal system to escape accountability.”


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