For Saving Innocent Lives?
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FROM Leah Doellinger Whetton
Facebook posting, February 25, 2022
February 2022

Unlike pedophiles, I wear an ankle monitor for saving innocent lives, not for destroying them.

rescued Chicken

I have court on Wednesday... let's see if the police/prosecution adjourn it again, for no good reason. This has been going on for a year now. I have now had a police ankle monitor for 11.5 months.

I have been publicly identified as a criminal with this giant device so obvious and unable to be hidden. I have felt the need to explain myself to everyone I meet because most think I am involved with bad people, I sell drugs or am a violent person. I am judged by motherss staring and whispering when I take my niece to a playground.

And yet convicted pedophiles are our neighbours, they walk the streets, walk by and park across from children's schools and kindergartens. They can get any job so long as they don't have to have a police check, but I can't because who would hire someone with a police ankle monitor...

 Pedophiles blend in and mix into society with the ability to befriend family's and prey on their children.

They can do this because they don't have a police ankle monitor identifying them as criminals, but I do... For saving innocent lives, not for destroying them.

Once again, I am not the victim. The human and non human animals are, and the system fails both.

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